Mar 4, 2016

3D Printed 4-Leaf Clover Bookmark for St. Patricks day

After the Valentines Day Heart paperclip, the Football paperclip, the "We Hate Paper" paperclip and the Creeper Clip - I was sure the paperclip... errr... BOOKMARK phenomenon was over. But then. This.

So, first of all - they're not 3D Printed paperclips. They're 3D Printed bookmarks. 

That is so much less offensive, since everyone knows We Hate Paper. Second, Saint Patrick's Day had to be celebrated with something 3D Printed - so what better, easier way to do that than with a Bookmark? (you thought I was going to say paperclip)

Design Goals

Let's face it. I had one goal here. Simple, Fast and Cute. Oh - I mean I had 3 goals here.

Design Summary

Saint Patrick's Day has a few iconic symbols, but I think the 4-leaf clover is the only non-controversial one (I mean, I don't really even know what a Leprechaun is, and I refuse to drink green beer). So - starting with the Heart-shaped paperclip (Bookmark!), I simply transformed it using very similar dimensions.

Design Challenge

There was one very tricky part to this design. While each leaf of the clover leaf looks like a simple heart, it definitely has a distinct inward curve down the center of each leaf. It was quite hard to achieve that in a clover shape. When I used the basic heart from the Valentines Heart model, it just didn't look like a clover leaf. So I tried something else...

I basically took an elongated and flattened oval-shaped sphere (is there a name for an oval-shaped sphere?) and then cookie-cut a half heart shape out of it to make each half of each leaf of the clover. Then put those pairs together for each leaf. Then duplicated that to make four leaves. The stem was simply a curved spline extruded and rounded - and the outer clip part is a cylinder with the middle cut out.

The Model

You can get the Clover Bookmark here (don't you dare use it as a paperclip!)... and I strongly recommend printing a few hundred of these and giving them to your friends before they celebrate Saint Patrick's day!

If your friends don't like Bookmarks, you can always give them Free Donuts.

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