Mar 20, 2016

3D Printed Easter Bookmarks

This coming Sunday, many will celebrate Easter - and it just wouldn't be fair to let them celebrate without an Easter-themed 3D Printed bookmark to spread the joy!

This whole trend started on Superbowl (tm) Sunday, then Valentine's Day, then We Hate Paper day (which is actually every day), and a bunch more.

Given that I've described so much about how I've created those projects in prior posts, I won't bore you with the details on this one. I'll just share the model (at the bottom of the post).

Imagine the looks on the kids faces, when they look in their easter baskets, and instead of delicious chocolate goodies, they find a pile of 3D Printed plastic bookmarks in the image of decorated Easter eggs! Oh Joy!

"Thanks mom and dad! Now seriously, where is the chocolate?"

The Model

You can find this model on Thingiverse - along with the many other bookmark designs I've created. Enjoy!

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