Mar 12, 2016

An Improved 3D Printed CodeBug Case

My first attempt at the CodeBug case was mostly meant to look good - but it clearly had one significant drawback; it blocked direct access to the conductive "Legs" on the sides.

For more permanent project installations, the first version would allow soldered wire access just fine, but many of the learning projects on the CodeBug site use alligator clips - so I wanted to make room for that in this adjusted design.

Design adjustments

The fully stripped down starting point. Look ma, no feet.
In some ways, this new version should have been the first version - since it is actually simpler. I started by stripping it down to the basics - simply removing the side panels on the case and trimming the cover to match. I also removed the goofy feet and the robot arm connectors.

Without the sides, all the legs stick out with enough room for an alligator clip on each - but I now wanted to add back a little personality.

Since those side panels is where I had the robot-connector arms - purely for custom looking designs - I just moved those to the bottom and - since I had removed the goofy feet-shaped feet - now I can design custom feet or arms or other appendages to make the CodeBug gain some personality.

I also added a robot arm connector to the top middle, under the wire port, to allow for more aesthetic adjustments later.

The Model

Look for this one soon online - still have some adjustments to make...

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