Feb 11, 2016

Creeper Paper Clips (3D Printed)

After my daughter decided that the Heart-Shaped paperclips were a great gift for her friends for Valentines day, she realized that maybe the boys in the class should have a non-heart option.

We 3D printed a few of the Superbowl football paperclips as an option, but then came up with another idea - Creeper Clips! These have the face of the popular Minecraft (tm) creature called the Creeper. It's a simple pixelated creepy face with a paperclip base.

Design Approach

There was one interesting thing about this model that's worth sharing (besides the paperclip part which I've already over-used). To get the multi-color pixelated look, I created different thickness areas on the face of the model.

original with tiny 2.5mm pixel size
To do this, I simply made 2.5mm by 2.5mm square tiles that were 0.4mm thick, and randomly (but evenly) pasted them on the base model in depths of one or two tiles. That resulted in a model which had 3 depths, each of which lets through a different amount of light and therefore gives the appearance of multiple shades of green - giving the Creeper quite an authentic look!

Adjusting the Model

Turns out the tiny 2.5mm blocks don't print that well at speed or when printing many copies at the same time. I adjusted by doubling the size of the "pixels" to 5mm squares, and got a much better result without sacrificing the look of the final print.

different height pixels colored for visibility
I also created a larger size by simply scaling up, which also increased the size of the original pixels to 3.25mm, which also worked pretty well.

The final adjustment was to give more space between the inner shape and the clip. I started with 1.5mm, which tended to crease or cut the paper that it was clipped onto - so I increased it to 2.6mm for a much better result.

The Model

Here is the Creeper Clip paperclip model. Print a few dozen to give away to your Minecraft fan friends!

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  1. Nice effect with the model's varying thickness! And how thoughtful to make a separate design for the guys in the class :D