Jan 29, 2015

More Product Icons - Google Sheets

Once I created the Google Docs Logo model, it seemed it would simple to move on to the sibling product logos for Google Sheets, Forms and Slides. In fact, anyone who knows me is shocked that I didn't do Sheets first (since that's where my history with Google products all started...) but, honestly, when I started modeling and printing, I only had blue PLA filament - so I had to wait for green before doing Sheets ;)

I used the Docs logo model as the starting point. That folded corner part is the same - and the dimensions are the same - so I just closed up the holes in that model and started there. It turned out the Docs logo was the simplest by far.

The challenge with Sheets is the "floating" cells - the parts of the graphic version which have no connection to the solid parts. I eventually just decided to invert the graphics - making the spreadsheet cells the holes through the solid and by raising the outline of the columns/rows of the spreadsheet stick up above the surface of the logo to give the cells more relevance.

I printed 3 sizes of this model - Large (200%, which is still only 40mm tall), Medium (150%, 30mm tall) and Small (100%, 20mm tall). The small ones are perfect to make earrings (who would wear those, you ask? Someone on the Google Sheets team, or my daughter, that's who!). The medium sized are perfect for a keychain, and the large as a backpack charm or zipper pull.

3 sizes printed - 100%, 150%, 200%

Project Details

Printer:  Lulzbot TAZ4
3D Model:  Google Sheets Product Icon
Filament:  Lulzbot 3mm PLA Green
Print Time: 100%:13min,  150%:27min,  200%: 45 min.

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