Jan 14, 2015

First Print on the LulzBot TAZ4

This is the Octopus THEY printed before shipping
The Octopus, of course, for those of you who are familiar with the LulzBot, was our first print on the TAZ4. The printer comes with a pre-printed Octopus which was printed as a test on this specific printer. A great idea, so that the buyer can see that the printer should be, in theory, working fine.

I figured - just like most other TAZ4 buyers that I've seen - that printing the Octopus myself would be a good start.

Bed-leveling proved to be a bit tedious, but not hard at all. My only issue was that the PLA would not adhere to the heated bed in the first few tests of a flat pattern which reaches all 4 corners of the bed. It seemed from what I found online, that squishing the first layer more against the bed would do the trick for PLA - and it did.

Some info about this print:

Filament:  JET PLA, Orange, 2.75mm (measured, although labelled as 3mm of course)
Model:  Octopus, small
Time to print: (not tracked, sadly)

Some of the first attempts didn't stick to the bed

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