Jan 28, 2015

MkrClub.com gets a 3D Printed Sign

Trying all kids of 3D modeling and 3D printing in my early days with the Lulzbot TAZ4, I figured I should try printing some simple 3D text. I decided to create a desk sign for MkrClub.com as my example. This was extremely simple using Autodesk 123D Design. Using the text tool, picking a font and then sizing it, was almost the same as using Google Docs or any app which has text entry and formatting. Then a simple "extrude" command, and Bam - I was done and ready for STL export into Slic3r app.

The photo of the finished print with a bit of focus effect, and including the screen shot of the original model made this whole project worthwhile - as it became the title image to some of the MkrClub.com online presence!

Project Details

Printer:  LulzBot TAZ4
3D Model:  MkrClub Text Sign
Filament:  Gizmo Dorks PLA 3mm Blue
Time to Print:  85 Minutes

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