Jan 12, 2015

Making Things: Welcome to MkrClub!

LulzBot TAZ4
There's nothing more exciting to me than making things.
I love practically anything which includes the creation of something new - from a simple doodle to a piece of furniture. From a new guitar chord progression to a cool mobile app on my phone. I simply and passionately love creativity.
The Maker movement clearly shows I'm just one person in a huge community of people who are much more creative and much more skilled than me. And, while the Maker movement more recently seems to focus on projects which include technology, that's just a sign of the times - because technical capabilities exponentially increase the realm of what's possible to make in your own home over a weekend. I also love (love!) technology - which basically doubles my interest in creative projects.
My latest passion started when I got my first 3D-Printer (link: time lapse video of unboxing, just for fun). I need a better acronym than OMG to describe how I feel every time I create a model and print it. I'm like a kid watching soft ice cream get pumped out of the machine to fill my cone for the very first time. Yet - I can easily see the day coming where it is no longer amazing, and we take it for granted (3D-printing, no soft ice cream machines). Just like home computing and home printing matured, so too will 3D-printing (we'll know it has happened when we just call it "printing"). But for now - it's simply amazing, and fun, and empowering.
Previously, I discovered Arduino and simple electronics projects - and I feel that the 3D-printing just adds another element of power to that hobby. A huge element.
I created this blog as a way to track my projects and progress in 3D-printing and in maker projects in general. I expect to have others guest-post and to point to other people's projects from here.

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