Jan 26, 2015

Google Docs Icon 3D modeled and Printed

I really don't know why - but I wanted to model and print a Google Docs Icon - you know, that blue paper looking thing, with the folded corner and the simple lines on it. OK - I know why. Because I LOVE Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc!
I actually wanted to do the Google Sheets Icon, as my best friends know, since spreadsheets is where the whole Docs thing started, and it's my favorite product of all time. But, I only had Blue PLA filament at the time, so I started with Docs - practicality over passion.

The model was quite simple to make - and I was pretty happy with how the "folded corner" came out. I posted the model on Thingiverse.com so others could use it (but please do not use it for commercial purposes).
If you use this model and print it - please, do it in blue and let me know- I'm @jrochelle on Twitter.

I'd love to see some other Google Docs fans walking around with this hanging from their backpack or key chain... or come up with another great application of this model!

Some Print Details

Filament:  Gizmo Dorks PLA, Blue, 2.80mm (measured, although labelled as 3mm of course)
Model:  Google Docs Icon on Thingiverse
Time to print:  36 Minutes

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