Feb 2, 2015

3D modeling Google Slides icon

Once I completed the Google Docs icon and Google Sheets icons in 3D, I had no choice but to do the 3rd in the series - Google Slides.  This one was also a bit challenging in the design department. Turns out a 2D graphic design has many ways to be interpreted in 3D. You can see how I ended up with this one - offsetting the two slide frames by just a bit in the Z-axis (height) and both hollow straight through the print.

I realized that putting these icon models up on Shapeways was a great idea for people who wanted to have these but don't yet have a printer - but that I have to size them properly and separately to be clear what they are getting. I'll get to that some day very soon. Ping me here if you're actually waiting for that or want the model.

Now - You can bet that I'll be doing more product icons - but the most difficult one will be the Google Drive icon - which is 3 colors. I've been working on interlocking parts, which will be necessary for that project - stay tuned. I'll get that done in the next few days (or weeks).

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