Feb 7, 2015

Google Classroom gets a 3D Printed Logo

Did I say I was finished when I finally modeled the Google Slides logo to add to the Google Docs and Google Sheets set? Well, I lied (apparently).

Google Classroom deserved some #3D Printing love - so I modeled that logo and printed off a few keychain and backpack charms. I have an idea on how to make these two color, but for now, I think Green is the best treatment. I had some issues printing these initially, as I was simultaneously testing some new slicing software (wrote about that issue separately) - but eventually I got some pretty good - not perfect - prints.

1 comment:

  1. I've found similar differences in makerware vs simplify3d. Add much as I wish there were one ultimate slicer I still have to use makerware one in a while.