Sep 10, 2015

Hang Anything with the 3D Printed Figure-8 Rubber Band Hanger

I thought I was pretty smart when I 3D Printed some specialized pegboard holders to store my cans of hairspray (yes - hairspray) near my #3DPrinters. Well - it was pretty cool, but not so helpful to people without pegboard. So - after a few interactions on twitter with about the hairspray that comes with the Polar 3D printer, a different idea struck me. A new way to hang up cans of anything - in fact, a way to hang up practically anything at al on any hook at all. Different sized rubber-bands, smaller, perhaps custom-shaped figure-eights, and many other design tweaks could make this an even more versatile design - but I had to share this one as soon as it left the print-bed.


The design is almost too simple. A combination of two circles with one of them opened up just a bit (5mm to be exact) to allow for both connecting them together and for hanging. The resulting part looks like a figure-eight with an opening - and it takes two of them as a pair, along with a rubber band, to make the thing work.


I designed, printed and tested my first pair within 15 minutes of the idea.
THAT, my friends, is the power of 3D Printing. From idea to physical product test in 15 minutes. Even if this didn't work, I could at least start improving the design that soon after conceiving it. But in this case, this simple little product actually worked!

I created a quick video to show my first attempt at using the Figure-8 Rubber Band Hanger to hang up the hairspray that comes with the Polar3D printer.

3D Printing FTW!

The Model

Here's a link to the actual STL Model file on Pinshape...

Here's some other pictures showing how I can hang up other awkward things which don't have hanging holes or friendly shapes.

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