Sep 14, 2015

3D Printed Pen Holder V2 - the "Peacock"

Just a few hours after using my first print of the "Porcupine" pen holder - I had a dozen new design ideas. One of them I had to immediately pursue, as I knew it would be more compact, take less time to print, and present the colored markers in a really cool display pattern.

One recommendation I always make is to save the individual elements of your 3D Models as you are making them BEFORE you combine them into a single object. That paid off for me here - as I went back to the elements used in the Porcupine model and was able to easily re-purpose them into the new Peacock design.

The basis of this design was to increase he density of pens which could be held into less space. To do that I interleaved the individual pen holder cylinders in two rows with each row facing inward toward the other so the pens criss-cross in a line. I also shortened the cylinders by about 10mm to make it print faster.

Another modification I made was to add personalization - with our @MkrClub twitter handle proudly embossed on the front of the model :)

Sharpie, of course, is a trademark of Sharpie corporation...

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