Feb 8, 2016

"We Hate Paper" Paperclips are ironic

When I started designing simple, fast-printing 3D printed paper-clips, it was clear I was delving into an area I don't really support - that is, the over-use of printed paper in school. I'm not a fan of paper-based assignments in most cases - unless the paper adds to the learning objective somehow (like in art, origami, or...uh... confetti for parties ;).

I had an idea - what if I made a paper-clip which expressed my distaste for the over-use of paper? It would be fun, perhaps funny, and definitely ironic to have a paper-clip which expressed distaste for paper ;)

The "We Hate Paper" paper-clip is the result. It's possibly just a start for a whole line of "We Hate Paper" products.

I'm often looking for ways to use 3D Printing within an educational context - in school - as part of a learning objective - but I never expected that teaching "irony" would be one of the possibilities.

The Model

The "We Hate Paper" paper-clip model is posted and free on Pinshape so you can print it yourself.
If you're a teacher, print a whole load of these for your class to get a laugh from them or their parents. If you're a parent, print a bunch for your kids to clip to their paper homework to return a subtle message to the teacher ;)

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  1. I love your work. Is it possible to just upload an stl to this blog? I tried downloading from pinshape but it, as any site like that, wants much of my personal info. After finally getting something to download, i opened it, and it was just a letter E. IDK What is going on but it was a weird.