Feb 10, 2016

For Valentines Day: 3D Printed Heart Paperclips

Why Paperclips?

I know - paperclips are not particularly romantic, or special, or even interesting - not even a little bit. In fact, some might say they foster the use of paper - which we would never want to do.

BUT - When shaped like hearts, paperclips become about 0.001% more interesting than when they are shaped like paperclips. And when you can say you made them yourself - on your 3D Printer - they become even more interesting (I'll say 1.7% more interesting).

More importantly - when one of these little, boring, uninteresting heart-shaped paperclips can be printed in 2 minutes on your 3D Printer - well - NOW I think think they just got 400% more interesting!

Anything that prints in 2 minutes on my 3D printer and has even the slightest utility, is a winner in my book.

I've written a few posts already on paperclips in a row (the Football for superbowl, the "We Hate Paper" clip) - so you can tell I'm a bit into this theme and I won't get into the details on this model. I'll just say, again, that these babies print FAST. I can print a dozen in under 25 minutes :)

I created these for my 9 yr old daughter to clip onto her Valentine Day cards that she gives to friends at school - so this model has been a winner all around.

There are just so many different designs you can create to appeal to the paper-lover in your life - get creative!

The Model

Here is the 3D Heart-Shaped Paperclip model so you can spend 2 minutes getting one for yourself.
I'm posting this model hopefully with enough time for you to get busy printing hundreds in time for Valentines Day.

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