Aug 27, 2015

3D Printing from 37,000 Feet. Mind Blown.

I know. If you can do it on the web, you can do it from anywhere.
But still... This blew my mind somehow.

My recent post about 3D Printing from a chromebook outlined how all the apps necessary for 3D Printing are available and accessible online - from the web - from your browser - from your chromebook. So of course, in theory, if I have WiFi on a flight from San Francisco to NYC, I should be able to 3D Print something from 37,000 feet while flying. AND, I should be able to write this blog post too from this flight - which I am doing.

I know, it's obvious. But still!

I did it. I found a model (STL file) I had created previously (yes, of course I could have modeled something new from up here using TinkerCad or something else).  I logged into the Polar3D Cloud Service and clicked on my friend's printer. I could see her printer was on and ready, because I could see the printer's built-in webcam. I also used rule #1 when printing to someone else's printer (yes, common courtesy) and texted her to let her know i was about to print. She of course said "go for it!".

I clicked start and watched as a 3D printer on a desk in California started printing something I wanted printed while I was at 37,000 feet in the air.
Then I wrote this blog post (still flying).
Then I tweeted about it (still flying).

Mind blown.