Jul 5, 2015

A Girl's Introduction to #3DPrinting (guest post)

This is a guest post from Leila - the daughter of two awesome educators (@iwearthecrowns and @mr_isaacs) who is going into 7th grade. Here's her Bio in her own words: 
Hi my name is Leila(boo215) and I LOVE 3D printing!!! I am so happy that my school has a 3D printer and that the teachers are so nice to me! Also I love that so many kids can connect through maker clubs and 3D printing. I'm an all star cheerleader and did ski club and running with my school this year, and just a little fun fact, I ran two 5K's in two weekends! I am going to run cross country next year for my school!

Hi, my name is Leila and my parents made me go to the VR mini hackathon at the Bergen makerspace a few weeks ago. I didn't want to go for the whole day because it was too early so I went for the afternoon... where I then discovered tinkercad. The mentors all had a really cool name tag that I HAD to learn more about, here is what they looked like(the square on the left).

I wanted to know how they made them and one of the mentors showed me the 3D printers. The students got the key chains(to the right). We had issues for taking my blue one off that I made because the letters were holes and it got stuck on the base, where the 3D prints are printed. 

Once I found Tinkercad which is a 3D design tool, I went right into making my whole family's Twitter handles - you can see how they looked in the pictures here.

I was a part of the AVON39 Youth Crew - a walk to end breast cancer - and because of how excited I was to be able to use the 3D printers, I went right into designing this design on Tinkercad.

I made them overnight at my school but they sadly got messed up, so luckily, the teachers of that classroom were so nice to redo the prints!

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