May 25, 2015

More 3D Printed Pegboard Tool Holders

When I originally designed my new peg-board tool holder, I specifically designed it so that it could be expanded later into more tool-holding designs. Making it multi-part not only made it printable without supports, but it made it so that one peg-bard clip could be used for a variety of tool-holders. The first design was made for small cutters and pliers.

Well, I've finally gotten around to expanding into a new tool holder - again inspired by the tools which were simply not finding a happy place to live on the otherwise organized #3DPrinting workbench.

This new design was made specifically for small screwdrivers - or any tool which is elongated, thin and typically too small for a peg-board. I tried not to get too greedy and just made this one with eight receptacles - although I might try a larger model which holds more since these small tools are so lightweight and the holder quickly becomes crowded when full.

There's likely more designs coming in this series, as now I look around and find many special tools which are clearly shaped awkwardly for typical peg-board holders, but would probably fit well with a custom-shaped holder made just for that tool.

You can see in the model pictured above that the clip which fits into the peg-board is generic and can hold many types of holders. The holder design simply needs to incorporate the connector "legs" which stick up from the print bed and print quite easily on practically any #3DPrinter.

Definitely go back and look at the original tool holder to learn more if you are curious about this design.

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  1. and where can one find the STL for this?