3D Models: Google Icons

Google Apps Product Logos - 3D Models (by JR)

These are 40mm at the long side (45mm for Drive) which are big key chains - but size them down to 30mm for smaller key chains or even 20mm for earrings or other trinkets.

  • Google Calendar - This Google Calendar 3D Model design brings the 3-Dimensional aspect of the 2Dimensional Calendar Icon to life - in a true 3D model. It is fairly simple, prints easily and re-sizes well.

  • Expeditions - This 2 part design allows for the Compass Base (gray or white) and the Expeditions Flag (Red) to be printed in their own color - and then snapped together. The snapping mechanism is much less permanent than other designs (like Gmail). (I had another motive - read it in the original blog post.)
  • Gmail - This 2-part design (the red "M" and the white "Envelope") allows it to be printed in two colors - red and white - so it really looks authentic when printed.

  • Google Drive - This is one part that should be printed in 3 different colors (blue, green, yellow) and snapped together to make the Drive logo.

  • Google Slides - Print this in Light Orange (i've used Yellow when needed)
Google Slides icons printed too small and not such great quality - but the model is fine.

  • Google Forms - Print this in Green PURPLE (changed to purple as of Sept 2015!)
Picture of a good one (left) and bad one (right)

  • Google Classroom - Print this in Green (look soon for a multi-part multi-color version)


  1. Love the idea and thanks for the link to our site - we are excited that there are other thinking the same things about the use of 3D Printers but even more importantly sharing examples of work that the students have been able to create for ideas. We are able to use our 3D Printers as part of our senior students technology which happens in our New Zealand School every Friday from 9am to 1pm. We're using Ultimaker 2 at the moment, which we're really enjoying compared to the previous one we had (which was a dog it was really difficult to get decent prints out of). We're using Tinkercad and then Cura for the Software for the production. The students have a range of tasks to complete projects at the moment, either teacher directed or the five part individual portfolio which are the examples that we are currently putting on our site. Great to see your work and we'd love to collaborate at some point.
    Mr Webb and Room Three/3D Printing Students, Auroa Primary School,
    Taranaki, New Zealand

  2. Cool designs. As a google doc heavy user, it's good to see some fan made 3d printed objects.
    Is there one for google drawings (red)

  3. Thanks Edward - I'm potentially the biggest fan there is... read my twitter profile to see why (http://twitter.com/jrochelle :)
    I didn't do drawings yet - but great point! I'll get on that....
    Gmail is coming soon too - modeled and being tested (two color snap-together model)

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  5. I now have so many Google Sheets prints, one might think I'm obsessed :)